What we all need is optimism. We can all believe that pigs CAN fly if we just put our mind to it.
— Traci Moss

Traci Moss is a happy artist making happy art - paintings and sculptures which encourage people to stop and smile for a while and to enjoy whatever story the art conjures up in their minds.

”We need to remind ourselves that there can be plenty to smile about in life, regardless of any difficulties we have and if we just take a moment to look outside our busy brains and daily stresses we may just find those reasons right in front of us, hidden in plain sight”.

Traci’s paintings and sculptures are often inspired by the pure honesty and power of a child's make-believe mind. Having lived and worked in South Africa for ten years, she absorbed the joy, the colour and the pattern of the many vibrant cultures around her. She is drawn to many art styles but particularly naïve art, tribal art and to the joyfulness of children’s art - before that stage when a rigid art teacher may disgracefully tell them ‘No! That’s not how it should look!’.

Traci produces both indoor and outdoor pieces, enjoying making use of all sorts of materials in a wide variety of ways. Ranging from ‘contemporary’ to ‘a little bonkers’, her delightful art enjoys any setting - be it gallery, home, garden, public space or corporate environment.

She runs fun 2D and 3D workshops tailored to any age or need and thoroughly enjoys working with both children and adults of all abilities, finding all her teaching and mentoring experiences extremely rewarding.

Traci certainly likes a challenge and is always open to new ideas! Please feel free to contact her should you wish to discuss a commission or to hear further information about her work.

Creativity is intelligence having fun
— Albert Einstein

Traci Moss... tracimoss@mail.com 07578857469